What is ShinJitsu


Shinjitsu Kanji Jpeg red*ShinJitsu: Is a practical method of Self empowerment. It is an amalgamation of concepts and methods drawn from key aspects of both the *Healing Arts and the Martial Arts.

The aim of ShinJitsu to help participants refine and harmonise the three aspects of Self (Body, Mind, and Spirit). Once these aspects are fully integrated we can more deeply engage in the “now” of each present moment with the full power of focused intention and attention.

This approach allows you to be active participant in the process of reinventing yourself, not just a passive recipient of information.

In order for consciousness to operate in our three-dimensional reality it has to be embedded in a physical body. Pure awareness steps down into physical form through the mechanisms of bio-energetic frequency operating through the physiology of the body. Let us call this unified expression of body centered consciousness “The Self”.

For ease of learning the Self can be separated into three distinct but intertwined expressions: The Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Body ( I move) ~ Mind ( I think) ~ Spirit ( I am)

Tao of PP Illustrations Unity Jpeg


The Body (I move) 

Spacial awareness, breathing, invested in the flow physical movement as an expression of being: Being fully engaged in the “Now” of the three-dimensional world by the expression of “I do”.

Watch words: Stillness and coherence in the midst of fluid motion.

The Mind (I think)

Stilling the Mind, intention and awareness as one, harmonizing left brain logic with right brain imagination. Experiencing the unfettered, coordinated interplay of the left (creativity) and right (logic) hemispheres of the brain as a direct expression of fluid thought and perception.

Watchwords: Developing clarity and presence of Mind.

The Spirit (I am)

Refining our senses to directly experience the inherent life essence that flows through all things. This essence is known as the “Tao”: The Universal force of creation that transmutes energy into matter and consciousness into experience. The direct experience of your divine essence changes the way you experience and express yourself on all levels.

Watchwords: The expanded absorption of experience and coherent projection of focused intention.

Why this is important:


By developing a proficiency these three connected areas we can create a way to divert our attention from being helplessly mired in fear based thinking and response.  When you heal the divisions within yourself  it opens the door to developing a deep sense of wholeness within and by extension a sense of connection to the living Universe. Inner peace changes the way you act and react. There are many ways to unravel the mystery of yourself. But in all cases the answers you seek lie within you, look for them there .




©Janos Neder 2018

*Shinjitsu: The Japanese word shinjitsu meaning “Truth” also translates to “reality”. shinjitsu is composed of the kanji (read shin) meaning “true; truth; reality” and (read jitsu) meaning “truth; reality”.