Cranial Sacral Therapy

It was born from Cranial Osteopathy.


What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral (a.k.a. Cranial Sacral) Therapy is an effective hands on therapy mode. The term ” Cranial-Sacral Therapy” is a generic term used to describe a therapeutic method derived from elements of Cranial Osteopathy. Broadly speaking the difference between the two is: Cranial Sacral takes into account the effects of Human energy fields, while Cranial Osteopathy adheres to a more anatomical approach.


What happens during a Cranial Sacral treatment.

A Cranial Sacral treatment directed toward assessment, gentle facilitation and balancing of the inherent motion patterns of the bones that comprise the cranium-face and pelvis thus influencing the membranes that surround and support the brain and the spinal cord.  These membranes (the meninges) form a continuous tissue sheath from the cranium to the sacrum.
Treatments are done with extremely gentle techniques and a very light touch utilizing the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse which an inherent motion pattern of 6 to 11 cycles per minute that fluctuates within the semi-closed hydraulic system that is formed by the cerebro-spinal fluid and the meninges.  The motion of this rhythm is palpable to trained hands and is used for both assessment and treatment purposes.
A Cranial Sacral treatment seeks to promote a state of balance, increased mobility and deep relaxation in the Client. This helps the body more fully utilize its own inherent healing processes.
 Cranial Sacral Therapy is gentle, non invasive and has shown some remarkable results in the treatment of headaches, whiplash, TMJ and various traumas as well as stress related conditions.



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