Yin Concentration

 According to Taoist principles there are two kinds of concentration:

1) Yang-Concentration (by willpower)

2) Yin -Concentration (by absorption)

Yin-Concentration by absorption: (aka ” Merge Consciousness”). When we practice this type of concentration we lose our “sense of self”, that is; the sense that we are separate from what we are observing or experiencing. In Yin concentration the experience of “Self” expands to encompass more than just our interior awareness. You become one undivided field of being with whatever you are doing or observing.

In Martial arts using this type of concentration means practicing a movement or technique until we are at the point of effortlessness or empty mind in its execution. Practice and being are now melded into one experience . You are what you do and you do what you are.

For Example:  Have I drawn the sword or has the sword some how drawn itself and appeared in my hand? When you cannot tell for sure on a conscious level and it just ‘happens’ you are in that zone.

In everyday life becoming an adept in Yin concentration allows your awareness to penetrate through the various illusions of form, shape and apparent solidity of everyday reality into the core essence of a thing, living being, or experience……The projection and absorption of conscious awareness is an inherent Human ability that we all possess. You are capable of far more than you have been lead to lead to believe. Realisation that it exists and then mindful practice are the keys to developing this ability.

©Janos Neder 2018

Shinjitsu-Proximity Sense Exercise

This skillset is a novel way of finding someone that is out of your visual contact but still within an area 30 meters or so from you. It is accomplished by reading the ‘bounce back signal’ of a person’s unique Etheric energy signature. This is a very subtle exercise and takes a lot of practice to get it right.

 How it works:

Success in this exercise relies on a precision of sensory imagery and the ability to hold a narrow band of focus. You have to be able to conjure an accurate mental imprint of what the Etheric energy of the person you are looking for feels like. The Etheric Field is like a fingerprint and is unique to each person. Your ability to hold a clear imprint of the target person’s “Etheric energy signature” makes or breaks this technique.   

How to:

Clear your mind. Conjure up an image of the person you wish to find. Let it fade, leaving behind the impression of what their energy feels like. This is their ‘energy signature’. Hold onto this feeling, as you do a slow sweep of the area with your *3rd eye awareness, like a radar beacon searching for an object. 

Pay attention: When you get a ‘bounce back’ signal that feels identical to the energy signature you have in your mind, start walking in the general direction of the bounce back and see if the signal gets stronger or weaker. If unsure, clear your mind and reset the original energy impression in your mind and try again. The more crowded the area and the more chaotic the energy around you the more difficult it will be to home in on an accurate signal of the person you wish to perceive. Clarity and consolidation of focus is the key here.

Tip: Practice with a partner. Have them go about twenty feet from you while you close your eyes. Do the internal protocol as in the above description. Sweep the area with your eyes closed until you get a consistent ‘hit’. Open your eyes and see if you had located them. Try practicing this exercise at increasing distances.

 Don’t doubt yourself even if you have difficulty at first….Keep practicing. Reading energy is just like exercising a muscle it gets stronger the more you practice . 

3rd eye awareness:

A term I use to denote a deep perception of the Etheric Field emissions emitted by a living organism.  

©Janos Neder 2018 

The Etheric Field

The Etheric Field 

The etheric field is a localised information field of dense bio-energy that surrounds the body. For the most part it lies outside of the everyday awareness of most people. We access the etheric field in dreams, meditation, Shamanic work and various other methods of healing and altered consciousness. The Etheric also contains the ‘aura” which is a field of bio-luminescence comprised bio-photons (biologically created light) that is produced by the chakras, cellular activity and the electrical activity of the nervous system. 

The etheric field is without a masking mechanism and contains the true essence of who we are emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. It is what people and animals pick up on subliminally.

Many types of dysfunctions are perceptible in the Etheric Field before they manifest in the denser energies of the physical body. Distortions in the Etheric field end up as distortions in the physical body. 

The overall nature of our Etheric field is determined by several factors:

* The speed at which it oscillates

*The intensity of the energy

*The consolidated (coherent) nature of the field.

The Etheric Field is an Energy Signature similar to a fingerprint in that each is unique to the person that emits it. Being able to perceive and work with the Etheric is a skill that is very handy to have  and is used in such modalities as Therapeutic Touch and Qigong for a healing affect. It is a skill that must be treated with both caution and respect for the manipulation of a person’s Etheric Field can be done for both positive and negative effect. 

One way bad intentions and other nasty attachments can find their way into the body is through rips or energy portals in the Etheric Field especially in through the back where the density of the Etheric Field is thinner.

Some examples of energy portals open to invasion are:

The heart and solar plexus chakras in face to face situations. 

The inner ear in auditory situations. 

The base of the skull.

The mid back at the heart chakra level. 

The opening (Sacral Hiatus) located at the lower end of the sacrum

Therefore: Learning the skills of protection and deflection go hand in hand with learning the skills of subtle perception.  

© Janos Neder 2018

Finding the Secret to Life

Finding the Secret to Life.

fullsizeoutput_843( In my view) There is no ‘secret’  to life per se, as ultimately “life” is what we choose to make of it.

All of us that come into the world to experience living in this dimension eventually have to pass from it as well. Death is the inevitable conclusion to our life’s journey so why bother? Well, I believe our concept of death is wrong. To die in the real sense of the word is to choose restriction and to never allow yourself to fully experience the miracle of being alive in a body.

Death is not the end of life, but only the end of the physical experience of existing in a physical container. Consciousness is not extinguished by act of physical death it only changes form and focus. I believe the deepest human fear is the fear of death and this primal fear is the root of all other fears. This root fear is what lurks in the dark corners of our collective psyche and it is what prevents us from rising to our true potentials in life….

The World as it is now, is an increasingly chaotic, confused, and unhappy place. It is under the grip of a materialist, collective mindset that holds up rampant consumerism as the new holy grail and key to happiness when in reality all it does is temporarily mollify our fear of death. This materialist path is a dead-end. It will deliver no lasting inner peace and no future that will be worth living in the Human sense of the term. This sterile version of life will be empty, fruitless, and joyless. That is it’s promise, for the price of living in such a materialist society will be your sovereignty, imagination, and your birthright to be a free thinking independent entity.

To avoid this future scenario we must remember that as Humans we are inherently gifted with free will, imagination, and creativity. This is why it is paramount that we wake up and reclaim our birthright as fluid beings and our destiny as a species. If there is any ‘secret’ to life it is this; we have the power to change the future by changing the present. The point of power is now. Therefore every present moment is a fresh opportunity to start again.

Wake up to the magnificence of yourself by developing your imagination and creativity in whatever way moves you. Unplug from the manufactured reality being foisted upon you and turn inward to the reality of your eternal consciousness. You are both the jailer and the prisoner of your fears and as such hold the keys to your own liberation and happiness.

There are many ways to increase your ability to be a master of your own inner self. Find self empowerment methods that work for you and then take the time and make the effort to get really good at it. This will give you the tools to face your shadow self and unearth old programs running in your subconscious that inhibit and confound your efforts. Work your way through the labyrinth of your fears and uncertainties. Self determination  allows you the opportunity to clean out your inner cupboard and free yourself from all that does not serve you. Finding the joy in just being on the path of inner discovery and creativity is an end in itself. Enjoy the ride.

© Janos Neder 2018


  • The Laughing Buddha, also known as Buddha of Happiness or Matreiya in Buddhism. This jolly deity is the supreme symbol of joy, well-being, and happiness.

Personal Empowerment

What is Personal Empowerment about?



It is about waking up and unplugging yourself from the ” concensus reality ” of the mainstream world. This in turn opens the door to a return to individuality, imagination, and self determination. Personal Empowerment is not about self involvement and abdication of responsibility and accountability.  Rather; it means accepting responsibility  and the consequences of your deeds, words, and actions.

Empowerment: is a self directed process that starts from within. It starts when you act on the need to move beyond your assumed limitations and restrictions and return to what you were always intended to be: A fluid, unbound, and individualized expression of the divine, creative energy of a living Universe.

Personal: Because each of us is unique; in how we operate, in how we experience ourselves, and in how we see the world at large. Following this premise, it follows that we should be the sole arbiter of our life experience and sole keeper of our inner kingdom.



© Janos Neder 2018

Martial Arts and the Healing Arts

Martial Arts and the Healing Arts

Rose Bay Logo Finaln JPEG 2The combination of these two approaches is not as unlikely as it first may appear. In fact they are mutually compatible and complement one another.

Firstly, what differentiates a Martial “Art” from Martial System.

There is a difference between a Martial System and Martial Art although the two are often confused. In the Martial System the object is to defeat your opponent, period. By contrast, a Martial Art is a path that has its roots in methods that were originally used for combative purposes. These martial skill sets have been modified and embellished to include a philosophical/spiritual dimension and a moral code of conduct.

In most Martial Arts the combat effectiveness is no longer the primary focus as the physical techniques are intended as a means to self-mastery rather than just self-protection or physical prowess. The practice of Martial Arts is not about violence. It is about cultivating the discipline and fortitude to master the physical self (outer self) and then using the attributes and the lessons learned for mastery of the inner self, The goal is to transcend self-imposed limitations and to still the mind and spirit. As a result of this kind of practice the majority of long time practitioners of the Martial Arts end up becoming even-tempered, humble people.

The Healing Arts

DSCF2210_2The Healing Arts follows somewhat the same path as the Martial Arts. It is a system of physical techniques/methods intertwined with philosophical, spiritual, and moral dimensions. In the Healing Arts we see the client as a holistic entity, interrelated and interdependent not only within its own self but also as an inseparable part of nature and the Universe. As above so below.

Generally speaking the common goal of both the Martial Arts and Healing Arts is the utilization and refinement of the body, mind, and spirit. These aspects of our self is far greater in scope than are currently credited in today’s materialist society.

The path to rediscovery and utilization of these latent abilities is open to all those practitioners willing to stay on their chosen path and do the work necessary to refine themselves.


Some examples of Healing Arts: Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Meditation, and Polarity.

Some examples of Martial Arts: Aikido, Kyudo, Tai Chi Quan, and Kodokan Judo ( in its original form).


©Janos Neder 2018


Meditations on Happiness.


You were not born to be sad or miserable, let no one convince you otherwise.
You are unique. You are the best version of you there is; nobody else can be you but you, so be yourself, and see yourself as you wish others to see you.
Be happy, it is not that hard to do once you begin to love yourself.
Happiness is a habit that starts with one small act, with practice grows into a habit that you can inhabit every day.
Your sun shines from within, once the clouds of doubt, boredom, and the need to rain on yourself resolve and move aside.
Happiness is a choice, a gift we grant ourselves and our natural state of being if we want it to be. It all starts with self love.

© Janos Neder 2017

Some personal reflections.

photo 4

We go through many transits in our journey between birth and death. Our experiences and reactions to these experiences are different at each age of our journey. When I was in the transit of middle age, I was discontented with myself and the world much of the time.   In the two decades I traversed between the ages from fourty to sixty I experienced some very difficult lessons that changed me on every level. I am currently in my mid sixties and I am no longer discontented, nor unhappy. Quite the opposite in fact. So what happened? Well, I realized that attitude makes all the difference and direct experience is the greatest catalist for change. We get to choose how we react to what life gives us.

For your consideration, here are some insights that I picked up along the way:

~Life is a gift, not a given.

~Life is fragile. We all dangle by a slender thread over the void of eternity. This thread can snap at any moment, then you or someone close to you falls into the chasm and disappears from this dimension.

~Be grateful for every day that you have the gift of health, mobility, and all your marbles still intact .

~ Give love freely with no expectation that it will be returned. The same goes with appreciation. Just do it because it feels right to do so.

~Bad stuff happens and bad people exist. It is smart to be aware of the darkness and how to protect yourself.

~Know that good exists in all quarters as well. So cultivate a balanced, realistic view of both the light and dark sides of humanity.

~The act of living in the world eventually either makes you more brittle or more supple over time. You get to choose which by your attitude and actions.

~Happiness is a choice you make each day. Happiness makes life for both you and those around you much more enjoyable.

~The greatest gift you can give yourself is self love as this leads to a peace of mind and spirit.

~ Worry solves nothing: The world was here before you arrived and will continue long after you are gone so why waste time worring about things you have no control over…

~Lead by example without fanfare, hubris, or expectation of reward.

~Someday you will only be a memory in those you leave behind, ensure it is a good one.


©Janos Neder 2018

You are the change


You are love, you are life, you are a microcosm of the awesome self organizing creative force of the Universe that some call “God”. Everything eventually re balances itself. We are in the midst of this re balancing process whereby the old system fails and falls in on itself before the new can arise out of the ashes of the old. Focus on love: Self love first and then project this love energy at everyone and everything…You are the change you seek in the world, be it by changing yourself first.

The Gift of Imagination


Here are some points to consider about Imagination:


*Imagination is the wellspring of our creativity and our birthright as conscious beings.

*Imagination is what makes us unique as a species and as individuals.  It is our greatest gift and asset

*Everything that we have created as humans was once just a figment of someone’s imagination.

* Imagination is a gateway to the marvellous wonders of your inner world.

*Imagination needs to be exercised regularly or it will atrophy and wither.

  • (In my veiw) The human ability to imagine and create  completely invalidates the materialistic notion that humans are nothing more than talking meat, the result of blind evolution in a meaningless Universe.

*Imagination is the access door to the “larger self” the one that exists beyond the limitations of the body and rational mind. Within our Imagination we can go anywhere, do anything and become anyone.

*Imagination reminds us the we are limitless beings that exist beyond space and time.

*Art, music, reading, writing and playtime are some powerful and effective ways to build and maintain the skills of imagination.

© Janos Neder 2017

Time and Tide


Time is the most precious commodity we have in this world. As you get older this fact becomes more evident. When I crossed the border into my sixth decade I discovered that some things just didn’t seem to ‘matter’ to me anymore. For instance I have very little interest in getting emotionally enmeshed in the self obsessed circus that passes for human behaviour in today’s world.

The world as we have made it is a bizarre sideshow, a mix of the sacred and the profane. It always has been so from day one to the present.  We are a funny little species, so limitless in potential and at the same time so limited by our inability to see the obvious stupidity of own destructive behaviours. Power, position and the acquisition of money and stuff are all just willow the wisps of an egocentric human need to feel indispensable, that somehow we can avoid our inevitable death because we are special.

Life and death are two sides of the same door. Everything passes, everything dies, nothing is permanent….so just relax into the journey. The high and mighty and the low and powerless all exit by the same door in the end. Release the need to be ‘something’ and just be yourself. Enjoy all the days of your life by being fully present in the experience of each moment. Learn to radiate love and gratitude into yourself and from there let it spill over and ripple outwards into the world.

All you take with you through the final portal is the lessons written in your heart and spirit. The only thing of any consequence that you leave behind is the echo of your behavior in the lives of those you touched. Did you help or hinder…, did you act out of love or react out of fear?  Glory fades, empires crumble….all that really matters in the end is the love, compassion and service  we extended to others.

To my mind this is how can we make the world a better place…. In the final analysis the only thing we truly have the power to change is ourselves. This act of self revolution is cumulative. Therefore in order to affect lasting change the world we must change ourselves first.

©Janos Neder



Where are we going?


If you were an Alien observer watching Earth, what would you think? 

evidenceAs I Imagine yourself a visitor from another solar system looking down on this species called “Human” perched on this fragile, beautiful planet. You sadly and irrevocably come to the conclusion that humanity on the whole is lost. They are not so much an intelligent species, but rather they are a species that possesses an illusion of its own intelligence.  Humanity it seems has confused true intelligence with cleverness, i.e.; its ability to invent and create.  A truly intelligent species lives in harmony with itself and its environment, and uses compassion and self knowledge to resolve issues rather than violence.

As much as humans love to invent things, they seem to have a dogged resistance to re-inventing themselves. Instead they look to an invisible god, their limited science or some other saviour or agency to do it for them.

All intelligent species in the cosmos that survive past a certain tipping point must learn the art of re-invention of SELF. Evolution of intelligent species must eventually become a self directed process; it cannot be left to blind chance, faith, technology, or other external agencies to do the evolutionary work for them. The spirit must be consciously unfolded from within itself.

Humanity is now at the tipping point of species survival, that should be self evident to them.  This begs the question; “are humans capable of being more than what they have been up till now or not”?  Will they evolve to become true star children exploring the cosmos, or will they continue their present march towards self immolation by continuing to act like a gang of feuding, marauding apes.  Maybe the end result will be both: one branch wakes up and evolves. the other branch stays asleep and continues down the dark road to eventual extinction.  Time will tell.

In the interim, we watch and we wait.


©Janos Neder 2018

True Friendship


True Friendship is not diminished by time or distance. It is a flame in the heart that is cultivated by the bonds of shared experience and emotion. Money spends, glory fades,  but having interesting friends to share a life well lived creates a deep happiness that endures.

©Janos Neder

On Art and Artists

Tusko logo

How many creative writers, musicians or other artists belong to ” introverted eccentrics club ” To be an artist ( I think) is to drink in the outside world and mix it with your interior experience. Then process and colourize it through your sensibilities and imagination before releasing it back into the world through the medium of your art…
Writing and cartooning are my mediums: As such, one piece of advice I took from George Carlin was ‘write everything down’.

I think this adice applys to all mediums. Act when an idea hits you..I bet you will be surprised how much can accumulate in a year. The Muse has her own agenda and cannot be conjured at will..I have been writing stuff down for years and these collected writings and musings formed the basis of my first book..

I can tell you from experience that original thinkers are rare and if you are artistically creative on top of that then you have two gifts that you have a duty use to the fullest.. To me being “artist” is about finding your muse and running with it! Be an Original….


© Janos Neder 2018

The Four Pillars of a Love Relationship

Here is my perspective on what elements I consider essential in a love relationship and why. My four pillars of a solid relationship are: Acceptance, Like, Laughter, and Passion.


Real long term best friends do not hide stuff from each other. The nature of a close friendship that stands the test of time is shared confidences and an acceptance, even a co-celebration of each others foibles, weakness and peccadilloes. In love relationships, most times these polarities are reversed and it becomes “how much can I hide about myself because it they knew the real me they would not like me”. Well, it all comes out over time anyway, so in my view, run your true colours up the flagpole right off the bat and then see who stays to see the parade. They are the ‘keepers’.

Generally we seek to hang out with with people we like, not people we have to endure. You can love them too of course but just being “in love” is not enough. Sometimes it makes you force yourself to endure people and situations that most likely (if you were honest with yourself) you would rather not. A lot of great stuff happens in the name of love and so does a lot of crappy stuff. “Like” is never forced or heavy….never, “eat it anyway, it’s good for you”. Like and Love in one package is an unbeatable combination, but if it turns out I can only have one or the other then pass me the ‘Like’.

Laughter is the sugar of life…it can make even the bitterest situation better and a sweet situation even sweeter. It is an essential. I want to hang out with people that I can share a laugh with. If you find someone who ‘gets’ you on this level nail their feet to the floor and never let them slip away. They are a very rare find indeed.

In my experience indifference and ennui are prime relationship killers, as are mistrust and jealousy. My antidote: Passion. A shared passion in interests. A shared passion for life. A shared passion for each other where every time you touch or kiss it sets your hair on fire.Where your partner becomes more delicious and desirable every time you look at them or touch them.Then spice this mix up with the occasional passionate fight followed by a passionate reconciliation. Mix in acceptance, like and laughter and viola…there it is, bliss.

My two cents.

© Janos Neder 2015

What is “The Tao” ?


 What is the “Tao” ?

The “Tao”  signifies the ineffable primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe. The Tao is ultimately unknowable, but it can be experienced as it enfolds (Yin) and unfolds (Yang) through nature and the cosmos. The Tao is the manifestation of the dualistic nature of creation in its many guises.

For Example: Birth and death, losing our way and finding it again, breathing in and breathing out, tension and release, transgression and forgiveness, despair and elation. In the harmonious blending of  these dual polarities there is no contention, there is only the Tao.


The Tao is represented by the familiar Yin / Yang symbol or by the Chinese ideogram for road or path. The “Tao” can also translate as “The Way”.

© Janos Neder 2015

The Spiritual Journey

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For your consideration, here are some thoughts on the Spiritual Journey.

Birth, death and redemption, universal themes as old as time itself. During my life these have been my prime topics of contemplation. Things happen at certain key junctures in life that knock out the pegs from under you, suddenly your spiritual practice stops being abstract and circumstance nails it home at the core of your psyche what it all really means. Your fears surface and hammer you to the floor. Maybe you finally realize letting go is the answer, but is it easy? Well, it is the easiest and the hardest thing all in one mixed bag.
All the phantasms and scenarios that the shadow self can conjure to control you come crawling out of your dark corners to put a stop to letting go of control and fear. Then you get to see if you actually believe (and put into practice) all the nice sayings you espouse.

The Spiritual traveler’s soul is a sword forged in the fires of their own fears and hammered into shape by circumstance. Spiritual crisis is something that I think every traveler on this path has to go though. And it either breaks you or makes you. I believe it is how your Higher Self ascertains whether you are ready to be taken to another level of  perception and awareness..

But no matter what happens in your life, it is just another lesson. For as Spiritual Pilgrims, we are still very much a work in progress, a mixed bag of contradictions and emotions traveling towards our own liberation.

© Janos Neder 2016

Get excited about You!

photo 4

Yes, everything has been done before, BUT, it has never been done before the way YOU could do it. So then, get creative and do whatever strikes your fancy; paint, draw, write, play music and just have fun.

Take risks, have adventures, and do things you can look back on at the end of your life with pride. Join a group of kindred spirits and have some laughs together on a regular basis. Enjoy ALL the days of your life.

Celebrate your weirdness, it makes you unique! Re-vision yourself and get excited about YOU. Enthusiasm is infectious, get the bug and spread it around!

Vibration and Rhythm

Everything is based on vibration and rhythm.

n1320885096_30063522_8582In our physical world the illusion of solidity is created by unimaginably vast intersecting fields of vibrating energy, stepped down in frequency to a dense slow vibration.

Even our consciousness itself is a field of ‘self aware’ vibration existing at various levels at multiple frequencies. An integral part of the Ocean of Universal Consciousness and yet somehow apart from it as well. This Consciousness field of vibrating interlocking energy patterns ‘steps down’ in frequency levels until it is able to integrate into the ‘solid’ matter that comprises the Human Body. It does this through the rhythmic gateway of the Etheric Field.

The Etheric Field is the vibrational frequency that is one step above the energy matrix of the physical self. It surrounds the body like a nimbus. The Etheric field allows consciousness to interface with the denser energies that comprise the physical body. It does this through the medium of the cerebral-spinal fluid and central nervous system . The physical body itself can be likened to a complex ‘spacesuit‘ that is itself comprised of interacting energy fields of energy of varying vibrations and densities. It is through this vibrational symbiosis with the flesh that our pure consciousness (Mind) can experience the seemingly ‘solid’ reality of everyday life.

Our familiar five senses are all based on rhythm and vibration. In fact the various sense organs of the body can be looked at as a series of rhythm transformers. Various forms of vibrational/rhythmic impulses such as; light, sound, chemicals, heat, cold and pressure stimulate the nervous system in specific ways which in turn sends these impulses to appropriate centers in the brain.Here the various brain centers translate these impulses into the familiar senses of touch, eyesight, hearing, taste and smell.

We can use rhythm in a variety of ways to excite or relax our nervous system, to balance ourselves and access deeper layers of our consciousness.
All our bodily processes as well as our sense of consciousness and connection to the Universe is based on the harmonization of these interrelating patterns of organized rhythm and frequencies of vibration.

Pure energy vibrates to form atoms, these dance together to form molecules, molecules conga line together to form matter. The entire Universe is accessible through the spaces and intervals of vibrating energy and rhythm. Without vibration and rhythm there is only the stillness of non-being, the neutral zone of undifferentiated potential sometimes called ‘The Void’.

Holographic Touch.


The Art of Holographic touch is a subtle palpatory skill based on the language of structure and bio-energy, and interpreting that language though the medium of touch.

As practitioners we learn to listen to the nuances of bio-energy in its many manifestations. Focused intention, the etheric field, the chakras and even the gross anatomy of the body are all but different vibrational frequencies of this fundamental energy.

How it works:

All sensory stimuli has to go to the brain to be interpreted in any meaningful way. This sensory input goes along specific nerve channels to various areas of the brain where it becomes hearing, vision, taste, touch etc. These responses are to a large extent part of the software package the brain comes equipped with.
But the brain is a marvelously adaptive organ, and this software is open to modification if you know how to go about it. Research into the effects on the brain from psychedelics has shown that the senses can ‘template’ from one area to another under the right conditions. This phenomenon is known as ‘Synesthesia’. For Example: Seeing sounds, tasting colours, etc.

This phenomenon can also be induced by various natural approaches such as the one you are about to learn:
Holographic touch is developing a melding of touch sensation with the visual processing areas of the brain. This ability to ‘template’ one sensory area over another  is one of the great untapped abilities of the brain.

Holographic Touch as part of a Healing modality.
The key elements revolve around being able to ‘listen’ to the client’s body and its story, expressed in the language of its anatomy and bio energetic patterns. Then using this knowledge to  select an appropriate technique to create a positive therapeutic effect.
As a professional therapist I utilize  Holographic Touch to greatly enhance my other therapeutic skills.

Holographic Touch
Is a skill that can be developed to a very fine degree. It takes these four key elements to get really good at it.

1)Suspension of Judgement
In the initial stages don’t try to analyze things just go with it. We are going deeper into the domain of Right Brain experiential feeling and out of the domain of Left Brain logical reasoning, so just go with it.

2)Let the images and feelings come to you
If you don’t try to force it or chase after them, they will come to you. The trick here is to get into the proper zone by totally relaxing your Mind and learning to just
‘ listen’ by focusing your attention.

3)Don’t try to second guess your first impressions
In all fine touch/energy based modalities, students have to develop a very finely tuned awareness of sensation just because what you are feeling for is so nebulous….at first. The Teacher points out what to look for and then helps the student validate what they perceive, just because it is no elusive to the untrained touch.

4) And of course, lots of practice!
Once you know what to feel for, from that point on it all comes down to consistent practice. This starts to rewire your touch perception so what was once a vague feeling becomes a strong accurate signal.

  © J. Neder 2015

Guided Imagery


What is Guided Imagery ?

Guided Imagery is a powerful method that can help you take control over your state of Mind. In a nutshell, it is a way of retrieving and utilizing positive associations from the Inner Mind (a.k.a. the sub-conscious ) I deem it an essential skill to help cope with today’s fast paced stress filled world.

Here’s how it works.

How it works is a by using ‘redirection of attention’. Directing attention away from your critical reasoning mind (the Left Brain) with its worries, concerns and stresses, steering it gently inwardly into Deep Inner Mind (The Right Brain). The Deep Inner Mind is the repository of our long term memories and associations, core reactions, autonomic bodily functions, feelings, imagination and dreams. It is here that the full power of our imagination, focused attention and associative memory can be used in a powerful and structured way to create a place of deep relaxation, healing and peace

Associative Memory

Our memories are stored as ‘associations’ with our senses, we will call this ability of the brain to recall by association ‘associative memory’. Associative memory is something we have all experienced. A particular smell, song or glimpse of of some long forgotten object evokes a specific scene out of our memory, often in startling detail. Our minds have this very profound holographic ability to recall by association. Nothing is ever lost.

Guided Imagery uses the Mind’s inherent associative ability to create a shift internally.

We create new beneficial associations by accessing the Deep Inner Mind and harnessing the power of your imagination and visualization in a powerful and structured way. In a Guided Imagery session the client is in a state of deep relaxed yet focused awareness. Here we can create positive scenarios,you experience it, identify with it and then set ‘anchors’ (specific cues) to help your Mind retrieve these new associative memory feelings at will.

Learning the skills of Guided Imagery can be done one on one, in a group or even on-line.

© Janos Neder 2015

Tao of Now- Wu Wei

Wu Wei:The Watercourse Way

The Chinese principle of maximum effectiveness from minimal effort.

DSCF211m9_2Skills of non resistance can apply to both physical and non physical situations.

Dealing with People is always challenging. Awareness is your most powerful tool when dealing with difficult People who seem to be able to push your buttons.
Try to create a mindset inside yourself where you do not feel the need to argue, to debate or to be ‘right’. This can also be said for those that have a need to be ‘the savior’, ‘the fixer’ or ‘the emotional punching bag’. What are the deep fears that drives these needs…A sense of balance and personal worth is achieved becoming aware of  your own fears and insecurities and finding effective ways of resolution and release of your triggers. This is not easy but it is a skill that can be learned and with practice, creates a strong sense of your own Personal Power.

For instance: In a personal confrontation strive to extend your awareness to read what the other person wants and WHY they need to have it so*. If the person you are dealing is verbally aggressive, argumentative or insulting then they are probably coming from a position of fear or unbalance of some kind. If  you cannot come to a workable resolution of your points of conflict then try to find a way of detaching yourself emotionally from the situation or person(s) until you can leave physically. This does not mean running away in Fear, but walking away with a sense of Self Respect and fear-less-ness from a no win situation.
The way of non aggression is not passive: It is learning to read a situation and then flow around or under it like water going around rocks in a river. This is a Taoist approach called ‘Wu Wei” the watercourse way.

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The Art of Focused Intention


In a world that is becoming increasingly more unfocused and distracted by sensory overload it is ever more essential that those on the path of Self Mastery become adepts in the Art of Focused Intention. Focused Intention is attention and intention that has been given an emotional charge and direction. It is the laser beam of the Mind.

Having an attitude of focused intention is becoming hyper aware of everything you do, think, and feel. It is replacing physical, mental, and spiritual laziness with a dedication to excellence. It is meaning what you say, and saying what you mean and accepting the consequences of your words and actions. 

The journey of Self Mastery can (and does) take many forms but mindset and attitude are the key elements irregardless of whatever path you take. To become powerful in your own life-journey you must develop and maintain an attitude of Focused Intention in everything you do.

To imbue one’s mind, body, and spirit with focused intention requires daily practice. Over time this act of practice will dissolve as focused intention has become so much apart of your makeup that it is just the way you conduct your life. 

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Qigong (a.k.a. Chi Kung) means Qi (Life Energy) Gong (intensive training).

The concept of Qi is a very mysterious one to most Westerners. It is a fundamental cornerstone in Traditional Chinese Medicine and many energy based Healing Arts. Qi is the animating power or Universal organizing principal that flows through all things.  Qi can be channeled and refined by the practice of the Chinese art of Qigong .

Qigong is a form of energy building and self healing using mental concentration, visualization, healing postures, self massage, movement, focused intention and precise methods of breathing.
In the Eastern influenced Healing Arts we believe maintaining a balanced flow of Qi in the body is essential in maintaining good health and vitality. In the practice of ‘Internal’ Martial Arts (such as Taiji, Kyudo and Aikido for example) the cultivation and refining of Qi is pursued to add power and focus to the application of Martial Arts techniques.

My Taiji Teacher, Master Paul Kwan maintains that any method which works to invigorate life and energy can be termed ‘Qigong’. According to Master Kwan; Esoteric Taoism follows the belief that the Human life cycle is based on the initial growing and eventual fading of Qi in the body. As we age, the energy routes which supply and support the circulation of Qi to the vital organs progressively become fatigued, resulting in deterioration, weakness, and poor health.

Over time this Qi energy settles into hot and cold parts of the body. By adulthood the hot (Yang) energy has risen to the upper body containing all the vital organs such as: The heart, liver, lungs, and brain. The cold (Yin) energy tends to settle in the: Legs, genitals, kidneys, and lower abdomen.In order to rebuild and refortify these energy channels, the ancient Taoists created the practice of Qigong; with the idea of extending longevity via regeneration and proper dispersion of the vital Qi energy. Qigong then is a process of rebirth; a return to one’s original, primordial self.

In the practice of Qigong we seek to refine and rejuvenate our bodily supply of Qi. With proper breathing, posture and mindfulness; we ‘pull in’ Qi energy from the Universe, release excess tension through controlled breathing and open key energy meridians in the body. Energy circulation with Qigong seeks to re-create a balance of Qi in the body by a harmonious blending of the body’s Yin and Yang energies.

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The Path of Self Mastery


To walk the path of Self Mastery is to embark on a lifelong odyssey to discover and reclaim yourself and your original birthright to be a free, fluid and unbound Spirit.
When we travel the path of Self Mastery we measure success by how much we have released fear and self imposed limitations and by how much compassion and comfort we can extend to others.

Life is full of ironies, for instance; we are all multifaceted Spiritual beings,who for the most part, do not fully understand how to navigate the labyrinth of our own inner landscapes. The Art of Self Mastery is ultimately (like all creative arts) a journey of self discovery. It is a journey full of wonder, joy and its also fraught with harrowing experiences for it requires us to the plumb depths of our fears as well as scale the heights of our consciousness and find the unity between these two seemingly contradictory extremes.

To be an adept in the Art of Self Mastery you will have to become a ‘Warrior’ in the truest sense of the word, developing an attitude of fear-less-ness, mental resilience, and fortitude to surmount the obstacles in your journey and stay the course.
For each exhilarating new discovery you make and each new skill you develop, you will have to travel the long plateaus of continuing practice and consolidation before the next ‘jump’ in awareness and ability. Along the way solving the riddles of each new layer and overcoming the pitfalls one by one which will be thrown at you by Frustration, Ego and Fear.

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What is: Taiji

yin_yang_symboln_4 copy_2 copyb
Tai-Ji ( supreme-ultimate):

The Chinese principle of the harmonious interplay between paired opposites. Each balances and holds the opposite polarity in balance. This is symbolized by the familiar Yin-Yan icon. There is the expansion phase (Yang) and a contraction (Yin) phase, each is necessary to perceive the other.

For Example: After a long phase of expanding our efforts into the outer world, an extended  period in the contraction phase is needed. We do this by going inward, to rest and replenish, but also to clear the inner Mind, consort with the Muses and Guides and consolidate the lessons learned before the next expansion phase.

Many stress related conditions can be traced to the modern obsession with being constantly and unrelentingly “busy”. This is living a life out of balance and the path to eventual burnout. To prevent this unhappy end, relaxation and rest must be in proportion to effort in order to keep us mentally and physically balanced.Speed may look good in the beginning but low and steady wins the race in the long run.

Or as my Judo teacher Sensei Hatashita put it “(be) a steady rain that soaks”.

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The Art of ‘Loafing’.

Relax and slow down!



There is a difference between loafing and doing nothing. Loafing is pulling away from the frantic sturm and drang that characterizes the modern obsession with achievement and success. Loafing is taking the time for yourself to dream your dreams, smell the roses and cavort with the muses. Enjoy fully all the days of your life. Life is just a ride, and a short one at that so learn to appreciate it for what it is and the people in it that make it interesting.

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Photo taken in on a sunny afternoon in Cádiz, Spain

The Authentic Self

Your “Authentic Self” is your core essence as an individual. It is the real you.


The key to liberating the Authentic Self is to evolve from ‘fear based thinking’.

Finding your Authentic Self is an odyssey of self discovery. It is the quest to find what lies underneath all the restrictions and self delusions that we collect in a lifetime. Your Authentic Self lies buried under a host of self imposed fears and limitations. These often begin as ‘family legacies’ passed on from one generation to the next through thoughts, deeds and words. They take root deep in our inner-mind when we are children only to show up as later in life as fear based limitations such as worry, guilt, prejudice,excuses,and phobias 

The journey to reclaiming your Authentic Self can start as simply a desire to be free of the debris of the past. Or it can start abruptly as a catastrophic live event. In either case, facing and dealing with your core fears seems to be the most fundamental place to start the long journey back home to the real you.

We must first understand (on an emotional level) that these deeply embedded fears (and its variations) are just illusions, shadow puppets dancing on the wall of our subconscious. But they are very pernicious and persistent illusions. They seem almost to have a life and agenda of their own. Turn up the lights in your Mind and the shadows disappear, turn it back down with negative thinking and they return. Keeping the lights on takes focus and diligence at first, but over time it will become more of a habit. There are lots of ways to help with this process: Meditation, regular bodywork, hypnosis, artistic creativity ,turning off all your electronic gizmos and learning to just hang out with yourself free of distractions just to name a few.

Once you can begin to consistently draw back the veil of fear and worry from your Mind everything begins to appear differently…..The once hostile outside world starts to change shape into a place full of positive opportunities for meaningful change. But consistency is the watchword here, as it is easy to slide back bit by bit into negative thinking and the shadow lands….

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Re-Inventing Yourself – The first steps.


Re-inventing oneself starts as a desire to be something different, but in order to bring that desire out of a dreamy fantasy into solid reality requires many things such as a clear vision and an action plan. But where to start? Well….seems to me, facing and dealing with your core fears is the most fundamental place to start this process.

Consider this:

Chronic fear and his little brother ‘worry’ are just shadow puppets dancing on the wall of your subconscious. And it can be  a very persuasive illusion.  Turn up the lights in your Mind and the shadows disappear, turn it back down with negative thinking and they return. Keeping the lights on takes focus and diligence at first, but over time it will become a habit.

There are lots of ways to help with this process. Try this for starters; practice the art of detachment by unplugging yourself from all the mainstream media hype, news and associated malarkey. Put away the ‘smart’ phone, pull the earphones out of your head and learn to tune into your surroundings instead. Forget being ‘busy’ and create those spaces in your life where you can just hang out with yourself. Learn to like yourself and indulge in the pleasure of your own company. Getting to know and enjoy who YOU really are helps to alleviate a lot of useless fears,worries and anxieties by going beyond the need for constant external validation.

Once you allow the veil of fear and worry to lift from your perceptions everything appears differently, and the once hostile world seems full of positive opportunities for meaningful change.

Try this thought on for size:

Whatever is in your future, let yourself embrace it and go forward, for catastrophe and opportunity often come as two sides of the same coin. It is just part of the ride called ‘Life’.

© Janos Neder 2015

Personal Transformation


Are you happy where you are ?

Are you the yo-yo or the finger in your own life?

Are you captain of your own ship?

If the answer is no, I offer this idea for your consideration:

Our version of reality is based on the millions of electrochemical signals that pour into our brain via the nervous system every second. These are sifted, sorted and interpreted through the brain’s inherent ‘software’ as sight, sound, taste, touch, pain, pleasure etc…Much of this information arrives at the target area as raw data and is assembled into a final cohesive whole via the process of extrapolation. In other words the brain itself ‘fills in the blanks’. How does it do this?

Your brain is partly a ‘decoder’. It decodes and assembles the information you call reality based on your beliefs, prior experiences and core assumptions. If you can change or modify these core assumptions and beliefs it changes what you perceive and how you react to it. Ergo it changes or maintains the direction of your life in either a self affirming or self-defeating way depending on where you put your focus. In other words ‘you get what you expect to get’. It can be a long journey unraveling beliefs and core assumptions. These themselves the result of  familial, environmental and cultural programing.

So this begs the question ‘who is the authentic you’? What was original core essence of your deepest self before this programing took hold? The quest to find the answer to this riddle is what Joe Campbell called ‘The Hero’s journey”. It is a deeply personal journey that transforms the traveler in unexpected ways.

Personal transformation is about reinventing yourself in your own unique image rather than maintaining one that has been imposed upon you. It is about waking up and pulling the bag off your head and seeing the world through the eyes of your ‘authentic self’.

© Janos Neder 2015

Tao of Now: Overcoming Stress

Laughing-Buddha-for-site-AOne of the main contributors to inciting and maintaining a state of chronic stress and stress induced anxiety is a perceived lack of choice.

The perpetual feeling of being trapped like a hamster in a cage, doomed to endlessly and fruitlessly run in the same treadmill. Running faster and faster but still going nowhere. This trap is an illusion. In reality we are both the jailer and the inmate in a  hamster cage that we build bit by bit from our own self imposed limitations, self doubts and fears.

The first insight on the path to self  transformation then is realizing that we, in point of fact, have total control over our own inner environment. That is, if we want to assume the responsibility for it. And if it turns out that you do, then the tools to revamp yourself exist, but, they all require one key ingredient…..And that is, effort.

Happiness and peace of Mind is a choice!

But wishing and daydreaming it so is not enough to change your life, any more than daydreaming about lunch will feed you or playing a great air guitar makes you a great musician.
In this series of articles on the Tao of Personal Power we will look at various ways to re-shape your inner landscape and by extension, your life.

Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Step 1: Realize that you, and only you, are responsible for your own life. Ditch the helplessness of the ‘victim mentality’…It is dis-empowering and ultimately fruitless.

Step 2: Understand that the point of power is in the NOW of each present moment. The past is a memory, the future is a probability based on a string of choices.

Step 3: Start the day with several positive statements all rooted in the now of the present moment.
(for example) I AM: (fill in the blank) .Whatever you put after this core statement will shape your reality.

Step 4:   Direction: Focus on what you want, not on what you want to avoid. Energy follows focus and intention.Have a clear goal in mind.  For instance: If you hate your job then first get a clear picture of what you want and how this direction will make your life better.

Step 5: Creating an ‘action plan’ to get there. For instance: personal debt reduction, re-education, developing new skill-sets and facing your fears head on.

Step 6: Clear out the naysayers. The voices in your own head and the people around you that will try to convince you it is better to stay where you are. Like pushing a car, a big change in direction takes a lot of effort to get it rolling…so it’s better to have help rather than hindrance at this stage.

Step 7: Stop watching regular television, especially the news. Television is based on making money via manipulation and that is why fear-mongering has become a big business. Fearful people are anxious. Anxious people are easy to manipulate because they feel overwhelmed, powerless and just want relief in some form or another. It will not be found in mindless entertainment, shrill news and endless incessant commercials. 

Step 8: Take time for yourself and learn how create the space inside yourself to find out who you really are. We are all programmed from an early age with others wants, needs, fears and opinions. As we get older it should be about excavating who we really are out from under all this debris.

Step 9: Create your own path…..Find out what works for you to get the results you are after. Be the keeper of your own Kingdom….

© Janos Neder 2015