Yin Concentration

 According to Taoist principles there are two kinds of concentration:

1) Yang-Concentration (by willpower)

2) Yin -Concentration (by absorption)

Yin-Concentration by absorption: (aka ” Merge Consciousness”). When we practice this type of concentration we lose our “sense of self”, that is; the sense that we are separate from what we are observing or experiencing. In Yin concentration the experience of “Self” expands to encompass more than just our interior awareness. You become one undivided field of being with whatever you are doing or observing.

In Martial arts using this type of concentration means practicing a movement or technique until we are at the point of effortlessness or empty mind in its execution. Practice and being are now melded into one experience . You are what you do and you do what you are.

For Example:  Have I drawn the sword or has the sword some how drawn itself and appeared in my hand? When you cannot tell for sure on a conscious level and it just ‘happens’ you are in that zone.

In everyday life becoming an adept in Yin concentration allows your awareness to penetrate through the various illusions of form, shape and apparent solidity of everyday reality into the core essence of a thing, living being, or experience……The projection and absorption of conscious awareness is an inherent Human ability that we all possess. You are capable of far more than you have been lead to lead to believe. Realisation that it exists and then mindful practice are the keys to developing this ability.

©Janos Neder 2018

Shinjitsu-Proximity Sense Exercise

This skillset is a novel way of finding someone that is out of your visual contact but still within an area 30 meters or so from you. It is accomplished by reading the ‘bounce back signal’ of a person’s unique Etheric energy signature. This is a very subtle exercise and takes a lot of practice to get it right.

 How it works:

Success in this exercise relies on a precision of sensory imagery and the ability to hold a narrow band of focus. You have to be able to conjure an accurate mental imprint of what the Etheric energy of the person you are looking for feels like. The Etheric Field is like a fingerprint and is unique to each person. Your ability to hold a clear imprint of the target person’s “Etheric energy signature” makes or breaks this technique.   

How to:

Clear your mind. Conjure up an image of the person you wish to find. Let it fade, leaving behind the impression of what their energy feels like. This is their ‘energy signature’. Hold onto this feeling, as you do a slow sweep of the area with your *3rd eye awareness, like a radar beacon searching for an object. 

Pay attention: When you get a ‘bounce back’ signal that feels identical to the energy signature you have in your mind, start walking in the general direction of the bounce back and see if the signal gets stronger or weaker. If unsure, clear your mind and reset the original energy impression in your mind and try again. The more crowded the area and the more chaotic the energy around you the more difficult it will be to home in on an accurate signal of the person you wish to perceive. Clarity and consolidation of focus is the key here.

Tip: Practice with a partner. Have them go about twenty feet from you while you close your eyes. Do the internal protocol as in the above description. Sweep the area with your eyes closed until you get a consistent ‘hit’. Open your eyes and see if you had located them. Try practicing this exercise at increasing distances.

 Don’t doubt yourself even if you have difficulty at first….Keep practicing. Reading energy is just like exercising a muscle it gets stronger the more you practice . 

3rd eye awareness:

A term I use to denote a deep perception of the Etheric Field emissions emitted by a living organism.  

©Janos Neder 2018 

The Etheric Field

The Etheric Field 

The etheric field is a localised information field of dense bio-energy that surrounds the body. For the most part it lies outside of the everyday awareness of most people. We access the etheric field in dreams, meditation, Shamanic work and various other methods of healing and altered consciousness. The Etheric also contains the ‘aura” which is a field of bio-luminescence comprised bio-photons (biologically created light) that is produced by the chakras, cellular activity and the electrical activity of the nervous system. 

The etheric field is without a masking mechanism and contains the true essence of who we are emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. It is what people and animals pick up on subliminally.

Many types of dysfunctions are perceptible in the Etheric Field before they manifest in the denser energies of the physical body. Distortions in the Etheric field end up as distortions in the physical body. 

The overall nature of our Etheric field is determined by several factors:

* The speed at which it oscillates

*The intensity of the energy

*The consolidated (coherent) nature of the field.

The Etheric Field is an Energy Signature similar to a fingerprint in that each is unique to the person that emits it. Being able to perceive and work with the Etheric is a skill that is very handy to have  and is used in such modalities as Therapeutic Touch and Qigong for a healing affect. It is a skill that must be treated with both caution and respect for the manipulation of a person’s Etheric Field can be done for both positive and negative effect. 

One way bad intentions and other nasty attachments can find their way into the body is through rips or energy portals in the Etheric Field especially in through the back where the density of the Etheric Field is thinner.

Some examples of energy portals open to invasion are:

The heart and solar plexus chakras in face to face situations. 

The inner ear in auditory situations. 

The base of the skull.

The mid back at the heart chakra level. 

The opening (Sacral Hiatus) located at the lower end of the sacrum

Therefore: Learning the skills of protection and deflection go hand in hand with learning the skills of subtle perception.  

© Janos Neder 2018

Finding the Secret to Life

Finding the Secret to Life.

fullsizeoutput_843( In my view) There is no ‘secret’  to life per se, as ultimately “life” is what we choose to make of it.

All of us that come into the world to experience living in this dimension eventually have to pass from it as well. Death is the inevitable conclusion to our life’s journey so why bother? Well, I believe our concept of death is wrong. To die in the real sense of the word is to choose restriction and to never allow yourself to fully experience the miracle of being alive in a body.

Death is not the end of life, but only the end of the physical experience of existing in a physical container. Consciousness is not extinguished by act of physical death it only changes form and focus. I believe the deepest human fear is the fear of death and this primal fear is the root of all other fears. This root fear is what lurks in the dark corners of our collective psyche and it is what prevents us from rising to our true potentials in life….

The World as it is now, is an increasingly chaotic, confused, and unhappy place. It is under the grip of a materialist, collective mindset that holds up rampant consumerism as the new holy grail and key to happiness when in reality all it does is temporarily mollify our fear of death. This materialist path is a dead-end. It will deliver no lasting inner peace and no future that will be worth living in the Human sense of the term. This sterile version of life will be empty, fruitless, and joyless. That is it’s promise, for the price of living in such a materialist society will be your sovereignty, imagination, and your birthright to be a free thinking independent entity.

To avoid this future scenario we must remember that as Humans we are inherently gifted with free will, imagination, and creativity. This is why it is paramount that we wake up and reclaim our birthright as fluid beings and our destiny as a species. If there is any ‘secret’ to life it is this; we have the power to change the future by changing the present. The point of power is now. Therefore every present moment is a fresh opportunity to start again.

Wake up to the magnificence of yourself by developing your imagination and creativity in whatever way moves you. Unplug from the manufactured reality being foisted upon you and turn inward to the reality of your eternal consciousness. You are both the jailer and the prisoner of your fears and as such hold the keys to your own liberation and happiness.

There are many ways to increase your ability to be a master of your own inner self. Find self empowerment methods that work for you and then take the time and make the effort to get really good at it. This will give you the tools to face your shadow self and unearth old programs running in your subconscious that inhibit and confound your efforts. Work your way through the labyrinth of your fears and uncertainties. Self determination  allows you the opportunity to clean out your inner cupboard and free yourself from all that does not serve you. Finding the joy in just being on the path of inner discovery and creativity is an end in itself. Enjoy the ride.

© Janos Neder 2018


  • The Laughing Buddha, also known as Buddha of Happiness or Matreiya in Buddhism. This jolly deity is the supreme symbol of joy, well-being, and happiness.

Personal Empowerment

What is Personal Empowerment about?



It is about waking up and unplugging yourself from the ” concensus reality ” of the mainstream world. This in turn opens the door to a return to individuality, imagination, and self determination. Personal Empowerment is not about self involvement and abdication of responsibility and accountability.  Rather; it means accepting responsibility  and the consequences of your deeds, words, and actions.

Empowerment: is a self directed process that starts from within. It starts when you act on the need to move beyond your assumed limitations and restrictions and return to what you were always intended to be: A fluid, unbound, and individualized expression of the divine, creative energy of a living Universe.

Personal: Because each of us is unique; in how we operate, in how we experience ourselves, and in how we see the world at large. Following this premise, it follows that we should be the sole arbiter of our life experience and sole keeper of our inner kingdom.



© Janos Neder 2018

Martial Arts and the Healing Arts

Martial Arts and the Healing Arts

Rose Bay Logo Finaln JPEG 2The combination of these two approaches is not as unlikely as it first may appear. In fact they are mutually compatible and complement one another.

Firstly, what differentiates a Martial “Art” from Martial System.

There is a difference between a Martial System and Martial Art although the two are often confused. In the Martial System the object is to defeat your opponent, period. By contrast, a Martial Art is a path that has its roots in methods that were originally used for combative purposes. These martial skill sets have been modified and embellished to include a philosophical/spiritual dimension and a moral code of conduct.

In most Martial Arts the combat effectiveness is no longer the primary focus as the physical techniques are intended as a means to self-mastery rather than just self-protection or physical prowess. The practice of Martial Arts is not about violence. It is about cultivating the discipline and fortitude to master the physical self (outer self) and then using the attributes and the lessons learned for mastery of the inner self, The goal is to transcend self-imposed limitations and to still the mind and spirit. As a result of this kind of practice the majority of long time practitioners of the Martial Arts end up becoming even-tempered, humble people.

The Healing Arts

DSCF2210_2The Healing Arts follows somewhat the same path as the Martial Arts. It is a system of physical techniques/methods intertwined with philosophical, spiritual, and moral dimensions. In the Healing Arts we see the client as a holistic entity, interrelated and interdependent not only within its own self but also as an inseparable part of nature and the Universe. As above so below.

Generally speaking the common goal of both the Martial Arts and Healing Arts is the utilization and refinement of the body, mind, and spirit. These aspects of our self is far greater in scope than are currently credited in today’s materialist society.

The path to rediscovery and utilization of these latent abilities is open to all those practitioners willing to stay on their chosen path and do the work necessary to refine themselves.


Some examples of Healing Arts: Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Meditation, and Polarity.

Some examples of Martial Arts: Aikido, Kyudo, Tai Chi Quan, and Kodokan Judo ( in its original form).


©Janos Neder 2018


Meditations on Happiness.


You were not born to be sad or miserable, let no one convince you otherwise.
You are unique. You are the best version of you there is; nobody else can be you but you, so be yourself, and see yourself as you wish others to see you.
Be happy, it is not that hard to do once you begin to love yourself.
Happiness is a habit that starts with one small act, with practice grows into a habit that you can inhabit every day.
Your sun shines from within, once the clouds of doubt, boredom, and the need to rain on yourself resolve and move aside.
Happiness is a choice, a gift we grant ourselves and our natural state of being if we want it to be. It all starts with self love.

© Janos Neder 2017