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Is there a part of you that exists beyond your everyday self and your limiting beliefs and fears? Can you learn to access this larger part of yourself that exists beyond the limitations of the material world? The answer to both questions is… Yes!

Unexpectedly, during a deep meditation session, Janos found he was able to access an open gateway to a higher dimensional expression of his consciousness he refers to as “The Voice”.  This book ,“Voices From The Silence” is a compilation of  readings by The Voice. It contains direct and surprising information on accessing hidden aspects of our spirituality, Humanities true purpose and origins, off-world entities, the current spiritual renaissance and how to access your own Higher Self.

According to The Voice:
ALL change comes from within, and comes to each person in a unique way, at a time and place in their lives that is right for them. This book carries no expectation other than to find its way into the hands of those that need to hear this message now: “Be free, think free, be the unique expression you are, in all forms of positive light. Be a light unto yourself first, by being your own best student and teacher. The answers lie within, look for them there.”

Softcover, 6×9 inches – 168 pages.

Now available on both and as a Kindle E-book.





Being a Spiritual Ronin means becoming the sole arbiter of your life, words, and deeds. This is a self directed process that starts when you act on the need to move beyond your assumed limitations and restrictions and return to what you were always intended to be: A fluid, free, and unbound expression of creative consciousness.

This book is the cumulation of four and a half decades of study and experience in the Martial Arts and the Healing Arts. it contains methods and ideas on how to unplug yourself from the manufactured reality of the mainstream world and foster a return to individuality, imagination, and self determination.

Softcover 6×9 inches 188 pages

Release Date: Summer 2019

* In feudal Japan a Ronin was wandering Samurai that had no lord or master.

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