Shinjitsu~The Spiritual Ronin

Identifying with an Archetype can be a useful and highly effective way of re-framing your self image. For your consideration here is an archetype I call the ‘Spiritual Ronin’.

Spiritual: As a representation of those elements that refer to the higher self, intuition and a feeling of connection to the ineffable experience of being alive.

Ronin:  In feudal Japan “Ronin” was used to signify a masterless Samurai: One who was not under the employ or control of a feudal overlord or master.

I use the archetype of the Spiritual Ronin to signify the Lone Wolf, the Free Thinker, the one who follows the path of their own heart above all else. In other words by deciding to be a Spiritual Ronin in your life’s journey you make it a priority to follow your own path. This means you dedicate yourself to the task of mastering fear and unbalance in yourself. For without unmasking and ultimately transcending your deepest fears, especially the fear of death you cannot live life to the fullest as unresolved fear colours everything in a person’s life. To fully face your own fears requires you to become a Spiritual Ronin in the truest sense of the term.

To follow the Way of the Spiritual Ronin you detach yourself from the victim mentality, essessive political correctness, and abdication of personal responsibility so prevalent in today’s world.

In becoming a Spiritual Ronin you reclaim ownership of your words, thoughts and actions and accept the full responsibility for any consequences that may arise in following this path. It also means a dedication to acquiring the skills to mastering the various aspects of your inner self. Over time, as you practice quieting your spirit and transcending fear and self imposed limitations you will begin to develop a silent, consolidated power within yourself. This consolidated power is the calling card of the Spiritual Ronin. It cannot be faked.

When you become centred both internally and externally you naturally become more supple and serene and are much less prone to reacting in a knee jerk and inappropriate way. Facing your shadow side, deepest fears and insecurities and learning to be completely honest with yourself leads to self acceptance in the deepest sense. By granting yourself approval from within you move beyond the need to seek it externally. It is then that the true Spiritual journey begins.

© Janos Neder 2018

'True Victory is victory over oneself' (M.Ueshiba)