Martial Arts and the Healing Arts

Martial Arts and the Healing Arts

The combination of these two approaches is not as unlikely as it first may appear. In fact they are mutually compatible and complement one another.

Firstly, what differentiates a Martial “Art” from a Combative System.

There is a difference between a Combative System and Martial Art although the two are often confused. In the Combative Arts the object is to defeat your opponent, period. By contrast, a Martial Art is a system that has its roots in methods that were originally used for combative purposes. These skill sets have been modified and embellished to include a philosophical/spiritual dimension combined with a moral code of some type.

In most Martial Arts the combat effectiveness is no longer the primary focus as the physical techniques are intended as a means to self-mastery rather than just self-protection or physical prowess. The practice of Martial Arts is not about violence. It is about cultivating the discipline and fortitude to master the physical self (outer self) and then using the attributes and the lessons learned for mastery of the inner self by transcending self-imposed limitations and learning to still the mind and spirit. As a result the majority of long time practitioners of the Martial Arts end up becoming even-tempered, humble people.

The Healing Arts

DSCF2210_2The Healing Arts follows somewhat the same path as the Martial Arts. It is a system of physical techniques/methods intertwined with philosophical, spiritual, and moral dimensions. In the Healing Arts we see the client as a holistic entity, interrelated and interdependent not only within its own self but also as an inseparable part of nature and the Universe. As above so below.


Generally speaking the common goal of both the Martial Arts and Healing Arts is the utilization and refinement of the inherent aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. These aspects of our self is far greater in scope than are currently credited in today’s materialist society.

The path to rediscovery and utilization of these latent abilities is open to all those practitioners willing to stay on their chosen path and do the work necessary to refine themselves.


Some examples of Healing Arts: Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Meditation, and Polarity.

Some examples of Martial Arts: Aikido, Kyudo, Tai Chi Quan, and Kodokan Judo ( in its original form).


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