A personal reflection on Life

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We go through many transits in our journey between birth and death. Our experiences and reactions to these experiences are different each age of our journey. When I was in the transit of middle age, I was discontented with myself and angry at the world much of the time. In the year before I entered my sixth decade something shifted. I experienced some very difficult lessons that changed me on every level. I am now in my mid sixties and I am no longer discontented, unhappy, nor angry. Attitude makes all the difference in how you react to circumstance and direct experience is the greatest teacher to get you to shift your attitude. Here is a short list of what she has taught me thus far:

~Life is a gift, not a given. Life is fragile. We all dangle by a slender thread over the void of eternity. This thread can snap at any moment, then you or someone close to you falls into the chasm and disappears from this dimension.

~Be grateful every day you have the gift of life, health, mobility, all your marbles intact and your loved ones still around you.

~ Give love with no expectation it will be returned. The same goes with appreciation. Just do it because it feels right to do so.

~Bad stuff happens, bad people exist. This is a fact of life. Be aware of it but do not dwell on it.

~The act of living in the world eventually either makes you more brittle or more supple over time. You get to choose which you end up as by your attitude and actions.

~Happiness is a choice you make each day. Happiness makes life for both you and those around you much more enjoyable.

~The greatest gift you can give yourself is self love this leads to a peace of mind and spirit. The world was here before you arrived and will continue long after you are gone so why waste time worring about things you have no control over…

~Lead by example without fanfare, hubris or expectation of reward.

~Someday you will only be a memory in those you leave behind, be a good one.


©Janos Neder