The Secret to Living


(excerpt from “The Tao of Now”)
Finding the Secret to Living.

There is no ‘secret’ to living per se as nothing is hidden by the Universe. What remains hidden to us is only what we choose not to see, not to hear, not to feel, and not to understand.

All of us that come into the world to experience life eventually have to pass from it as well. Death is the inevitable conclusion to our life’s journey. But I believe our concept of death is wrong. To die in the real sense of the word is to choose never to live fully and experience the miracle of living. Death is not the end of life but only the end of the physical experience of existing in a body. Consciousness is not extinguished by act of physical death it only changes form and focus.

The World as it is now is increasingly under the grip of an atheistic, materialist collective mindset. This path is a dead end that will achieve no lasting inner peace and no future that will be worth living in the Human sense of the term. This sterile version of the future will be empty and joyless. That is it’s promise, for the price of this future will be your sovereignty, imagination and birthright to be a free thinking independent entity.

To avoid this future scenario we must remember that as Humans we are inherently gifted with free will, imagination and creativity. This is why it is paramount that we wake up and reclaim our birthright and our destiny as a species. If there is any ‘secret’ to life it is this; we have the power to change the future by changing the present. The point of power is now.

Wake up to the magnificence of yourself by developing your imagination and creativity in whatever way moves you. Unplug from the manufactured reality being foisted upon you and turn inward to the reality of yourself.

© Janos Neder 2017