What is consciousness?

(Excerpt from the ” Tao of Now”)


What of the great mysteries of Human existence is our consciousness. Science and religion each have their own definitions and mythologies on the nature and source of conscious awareness.

I offer this for your consideration:

Your consciousness is an autonomous micro expression of the omnipresent intelligence field that some call “God”. This expression is a form of self-aware light free to create its own experiences, but at the same time it is still connected energetically to the source from whence it emanated. It is able to subdivide itself so it can project a portion of itself into a physical container while the larger part of it remains outside the confines of physicality.

Let us call this larger expression of your consciousness the “Observer Self”, the embedded part “The Body Self” and the energetic interface between these two “ The Higher Self”. In essence, these different vibrational frequencies of your consciousness are like a holographic version of Russian Dolls, each hidden inside the other.

What you experience as “The Body Self” is a localized sliver of your total conscious energy which has encased itself for a brief time in an organic hologram called your body. It has interfaced with the body via the mechanisms of the brain and central nervous system. This allows it to experience the virtual hologram we call ‘reality’ in a very intense way. At physical death this localized energy withdraws from the body and re-integrates with its larger holographic projection “ The Observer Self”. The resonance of this energy operating through the brain is what we call “Mind”

© Janos Neder 2017