Where are we going?

Article by Janos Neder

An exercise in Imagination: If you were an Alien observer watching Earth from space, what would you think? 

evidenceAs I imagine myself a visitor from another solar system looking down on this species called humanity perched on this fragile, beautiful planet of theirs. I sadly and irrevocably come to the conclusion that humanity on the whole is lost. They are not so much an intelligent species, but rather they are a species that possesses an illusion of its own intelligence.  Humanity has confused true intelligence with cleverness, i.e.; an ability to invent technology.  A truly intelligent species lives in harmony with itself and its environment, and uses compassion and self knowledge to resolve issues rather than violence.

As much as humans love to invent things, they seem to have a dogged resistance to re-inventing themselves.  Instead they look to an invisible god or some other saviour to do it for them.  All intelligent species in the cosmos that survive past a certain tipping point must learn the arts of self knowledge, self love, and  re-invention.  Evolution of intelligent species must eventually become a self directed process; it cannot be left to blind chance or others to do the evolutionary work for them.

Humanity is currently at the tipping point of species survival, that should be self evident.  This begs the question, are humans capable of being more than what they have been up till now or not?  Will they evolve to become true star children exploring the cosmos, or will they continue their present march towards self immolation by continuing to act like a gang of feuding, marauding apes.  Maybe the end result will be both, one branch of humanity wakes up, evolves and heads into the light, the other stays asleep and continues down the dark road to eventual extinction.  Time will tell … in the interim, we watch, and wait.


©Janos Neder 2015